Karate improves fitness, co-ordination, flexibility, balance, reflexes, agility and gives the student more confidence, discipline, respect, patience, focus and a better general attitude. There are other benefits that most people don't really think of but are definitely there, like improved social skills and improved  listening skills especially in children. This is especially positive for everyone involved when it helps them at school and at home. There is also a very social element to our classes and you are sure to make many new friends within just a few lessons! 

Adults have access to much more and for more information on this click below:

Not at all, Karate starts at the basic level whether you  have lots or no previous experience. If there is a student who joins us with previous experience, we will not spend very long on the basic level with them, in fact once they have proved their ability, we will move forward immediately. The club's 3 different syllabuses are designed to increase in difficulty only as your ability increases. This will happen as you travel through the various coloured belts.

Again no, everyone is different when it comes to flexibility and most of us were not very flexible when we first started. Flexibility is something that improves gradually over time.  The Sensei's are fully trained to take this into account when training and grading the students.

Yes, we have a wide array of activities and Martial Arts that all adults can enjoy. We run family classes were the parents can train with their children, adult classes for those students that wish to be pushed a little harder, street defence classes that incorporate weapon defence and ground fighting techniques and once a week we offer a "Ladies only self defence class" for females over the age of 14 years. Once adults get to their black belts they can also look forward to weapons training in both Nunchaku and Escrima.

The club has a massive offering for any adult that would like to learn an art form. For more information on the adult syllabus and what we can offer adults, click on the link below:

Yes, disciplined but fun at the same time. All students are paying to be trained in Martial Arts, and messing about will not be tolerated. There is also some basic etiquette and rules that students are expected to follow. Don't worry, it is not like an army boot camp! It has to be enjoyable, otherwise you won't return and we don't want that!

Absolutely! Our club is very particular when it comes to who can teach. All of our instructors are hand picked after many years of experience within the club. They are ALL fully police checked & cleared, fully first aid trained in case of an accident, and insured for public liability or injury. All the instructors have certification on them at class at all times and this can be viewed if required by the parents.

"Zenshin Karate" is not just a name, it has a deep meaning. Click below for more details

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I am not very flexible, is that a problem?

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ots of clubs have lots of children! Can adults
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