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Like all modern companies we have to be in the modern world and the use of internet, email and phones has become a standard. It is now really important to get on Facebook and load our App on our phones.

As well as receiving all the latest club information you will get access to the help sheets (for example terminology sheets), up to the minute updates on class time changes, closures or location changes, instant notification of upcoming events, reminders of gradings and start times of any events, full sat-nav directions to every Dojo class address, photo walls to share live from your location, special offers, competitions, challenges and a built in referral system!

Please download our APP free on your phone now from the store from your phone. For Facebook, log in and search for "Zenshin-Karate Do". The group is closed to non members but send a request to join and we will add you onto the group.

Facebook and our App