All prospective members of Zenshin Karate must accept and agree to abide by the rules outlined below prior to becoming a member.

1. ALL students will arrive promptly for each class they attend. (At least 20 minutes early!)
2. No student will be permitted to train at any class unless it has been paid for prior to the month of training.
3. Any safety equipment used at class MUST be purchased through the club.
4. All students are required to bring both their syllabus book to all club events.
5. All members syllabus book’s are required to be kept up to date with the relevant details of the student including address, contact numbers and dates graded. Please call the club number to notify us if you have changed address or if your phone number(s) have changed.
6. Certain techniques are restricted to certain grades for learning purposes and in use during Kumite (sparring). These will be at the discretion of the Instructor (Sensei).
7. Zenshin Karate reserves the right to cancel a student’s membership should they be found to be continually behaving in a disruptive manner or by disobeying the instructions given or should they be considered to be a danger to other students within Zenshin Karate. No reimbursement for the membership fee will be given.
8. Although a warm up is carried out prior to the class commencing, students are advised to do some warming up and stretching before class especially as they are encouraged to practice before the actual class commences.
9. To enable the Sensei’s to provide suitable instruction, students are required to inform their Sensei, prior to class commencing, of any pre-existing injuries that may need to be taken into account whilst the student is training. This will ensure that students will not be permitted to do any training that may further aggravate their injury.
10. No training equipment is to be used without the prior permission of a Sensei.

Students must also uphold the Zenshin Karate etiquette in the Dojo as follows:

i) Bow when entering or exiting the Dojo
ii) Do not consume food of any description within the Dojo (including gum)
iii) Do not sit on anything but the floor when within the Dojo
iv) Acknowledge each instruction whether individually or collectively, when given by the Sensei or Sempai (Assistant Instructor) in charge, by saying "Hai" ("yes", in Japanese) loud enough to be heard by everyone in the class.
v) Understand that the Sensei and Sempai are in charge and all students will follow their instructions.
vi) Students are not permitted to run around or "fool about" before class or during the break.
vii) All students will line up for class according to grading order (highest grade on the right when facing the front) Junior students with four tips with be viewed as being more senior than a fellow junior student with three tips; one with three tips more senior than one with two tips and so on. All Dragon grades are junior to Samurai grades and all samurai grades are junior to the adult grades.
viii) For those students who have a Karate uniform (Gi), they will attend class with it clean and ironed and with the club badge displayed on the left breast. (All uniform’s (Gi’s) must be white unless the student is a Sempai). If a student wishes to wear clothing under their uniform it must also be white. Also for hygiene and courtesy to other students, all protective equipment (mitts, shin pads) should be kept clean and washed on a regular basis.
ix) All students must inform their Sensei (or the Senior Instructor) if they are not able to attend their regular class at any time. This allows for better planning of the class and also shows courtesy to your Sensei.
x) No jewellery is to be worn whilst training. (Newly pierced ears must be taped up before class by the student. If necessary, wedding rings can be worn but must also be taped up. (Sensei’s are not permitted to give out plasters from their first aid kit for this purpose. It is your responsibility to do this before arriving)
xi) In the interest of safety and hygiene, students must keep their finger and toe nails clean and short at all times!! Anyone breaching this rule will NOT be allowed to train that particular class.
xii) As a sign of courtesy, students are requested to turn off their mobile phone whilst attending training. Students may leave their mobile switched on in certain circumstances as required for work or family emergencies provided they have cleared it with the Sensei, before the class actually commences.


1) All students must be given a grading authorisation slip by their Sensei before they can attend any grading.
2) Students (and parents of junior students) are not allowed to pressure and persistently ask the Sensei to send them for grading. Of course, students may ask their Sensei what they need to work on for their next grade.
3) All students in the "senior" syllabus who are recommended by their Sensei to attempt their 3 RD Kyu (purple belt) and all subsequent grades must be observed by the Senior Sensei in a regular class environment on at least two occasions in the two months prior to their proposed grading date. A Senior Instructor Approval form must also be completed.
4) There will be a fee of £10 to re-attempt any failed grading.
5) All grading fees also include the belt itself (or Dan grade badge where relevant). The only exception is "senior" Black belt grading, which the fee does NOT include the belt.


Zenshin Martial Arts Club Rules