As an adult what benefits do I get from Martial Arts?

Many adults think Karate and Martial Arts are for children. Although we see lots of benefits for children to do Martial Arts, those benefits are also very valid for adults. As well as obviously training with your children if you so wish, you will have access to many other  specific programmes and classes for adults far beyond what the children will learn. Some examples of this are:

From Black belt onwards adults
learn Nunchaku

Weapon Workshops
throughout the year
including Escrima
and Knife defence

Learn defence
against arms locks, wrist locks,
chokes and holds

Learn to fight or defend from the ground including grappling

 "Back to it" circuit fitness classes

Our Karate System:

Adult students start off as a white belt but have 10 grades to pass before earning black belt status. Upon joining the club, they are issued with a syllabus booklet. Like the childrens booklets, it outlines what techniques they need to practice and perfect for their next grade and has a proposed date for their next grading, so they have a defined goal to achieve. Where as the childrens grades are broken down into tips, the senior grades are not. They have a full listing of all the techniques they are required to show to achieve their next grade.

Weapons Class
11 Year olds and upwards